We support great ideas... so what makes an idea great?

"There's no such thing as a silly question."

You've probably heard teachers say that and groaned inwardly, because of course there are silly questions.  Often the problem is that students don't know what makes the difference between a silly question (that will get them nowhere) and a smart question (that will advance their learning).  Asking good, smart questions doesn't happen by accident though; it takes discipline and thought to formulate questions that lead to discovery and innovation.   

Here are three guidelines on how to ask smart questions, so that you can channel your creative energy into making great ideas reality.

1.  Will your idea have a viable market?

That is to say: are there people who want the product or service that you plan to offer?  It's okay if it's a niche market -- many successful online businesses do cater to people with very specific interests -- the problem comes in if it's a non-existent market.  

If there is not an existing market for your idea, consider if there could be.  How does your idea meet a real or perceived need?  How will you make people realize their need?

2.  Are you passionate about your idea?

If you have an idea that is marketable, but you don't actually care about it, forget it.  Or sell it to someone else.  Or talk it over with a few friends and see if they're excited about it.  

Bottom line: Don't keep pushing ahead with something just because you think it will sell.  If you aren't personally invested in it, it really doesn't matter how marketable it is.  And if something does really matter to you, because you think it is worth doing, chances are much better that it will be successful.

3.  What are the consequences of your idea?

Okay, so you can't see the future.  But think long-term: will your idea make the world a better place?  Will it help people to create good and sustainable communities?  If it won't, spend some time thinking about how to tweak it.  

The world needs good ideas.

 At Benevolent Generation, our focus is on providing brilliant thinkers with the support they need to turn their ideas into a reality and help make the world a better place. We support great ideas.

Feel free to contact us and let us know what you're thinking about.  We'd love to hear about your ideas!